Teams That Work!


Everything on a team happens as a result of conversations. What we do in conversation and how we use it as a tool determines what we will get in our work relationships especially in our team relationships. The more we see language as a tool the more we will be able to use it to our advantage. The way we use the tools of language with each other will determine the effectiveness of the team. This session will help outline how to use not only language, but time and structure to create teams that work!


What participants will take away is the ability to use language in a more powerful way, specifically to make more powerful requests, deal with team issues, and interpersonal concerns . Participants will not only learn to do this with words, but with their body as well. As a result participants will feel more comfortable confronting difficult issues, creating more productive outcomes, and feeling more comfortable with one another. This combination will allow them to walk away with new skills they can use in any aspect of their life.


  • Understanding language and aspects of team dynamics
  • What isn’t said speaks louder than what does: body language and tone
  • Language generates results: learn how to use it
  • What a powerful request looks and sounds like
  • Supporting each other when challenges arise
  • Practicing newly acquired skills