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sandra9781937928247_p0_v1_s260x420How would you like to have your difficult bully, challenging bosses, co-workers, or unmotivated team members problems solved? How would you like to have an opportunity to work with a coach who charges hundreds and even thousands pr hour for organizations like Marriott, Sony, The White House, NIH, and  the Pentagon and get her for $14.99? Every month Sandra Crowe, MA, PCC solves your problems and those of others just like you.

She gives possible, step by step strategies, for uncovering what causes them and most importantly what to do to change them and you in them, now. Each session she starts off with a principle or strategy for how to look at your challenging people problems and then takes you through an exercise that will help you gain clarity, vision, and most importantly action to resolve your issue. Then she addresses people’s problems live to solve them in front of you.

Join in this dynamic solution conversation every month to see what works for you, get your questions answered, and change your situations no matter who or what you are dealing with. Just click the button here and you will automatically be enrolled every month.

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