Book Success! Webinar

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Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall with your book? That you either don’t know where to take it marketing wise, or don’t know how to move your ideas in the book more forward into the world? We authors think finishing the book is the end of the story and wonder why it doesn’t have a life of its own. Most people hold vision for getting the book done, thinking that ends the process. The thing which gives your book wings is what you do with your book after it’s written. “THE END” is really is the beginning. We want to show you what’s next.

IN 2015 would you:

  • Like to turn your book into a more marketable, profitable venture?
  • Chose to take your book and use it as a platform to create other products?
  • Eliminate your barriers to really moving your book and its’ potential to the next level?

On the evening of (March 26th at 6:00 EST) you will have the opportunity to address these, as well as other items which are key to your success.

This program is presented by Sandra Crowe, MA, PCC and Peter Biadasz, both authors and leaders in the fields of speaking, book knowledge, interpersonal communications and awareness. They will guide you to uncover what is in your way of translating your book into a more marketable, profitable venture. They will not only show you the way, but help you deal with the roadblocks which have kept you from moving in the direction you feel you should be. Plus, Sandra is an expert at dealing with difficulty and can help you overcome obstacles so you

In just one hour you’ll gain the momentum to take inspired, tangible steps with an action plan that’s right for your unique situation. You’ll survey the wealth of options that await you from a “10,000 foot view” as opposed to looking up in despair from the base of the mountain. You’ll be inspired by the possibilities that lie before you, leading to the motivation to move forward with new found energy and excitement.

An hour of Sandra’s or Peter’s time would normally cost $500, but you can attend this one hour program is only $49.  Understand how your book is your platform; a foundation for additional products and services for you to offer to your public. You will be reminded your book is the beginning, not the end of your journey and help you see the many possibilities of your book’s content.

Bonus: For the first 20 people who enroll, you will be invited to a special live bonus program with telesummit producer Mike Broadwell. He is a specialist in creating joint venture events designed to build your authority and audience by leveraging the status of established experts in your niche. Mike will show you the exact steps you need to take to benefit from this powerful opportunity.

We look forward to connecting with you and taking you, your book, and all its related products/services to the next level.