Keynote Speeches

Presented by Sandra Crowe

Keynote speeches are an opportunity to inspire, uplift, educate, entertain, and move participants in a particular direction. They are great for luncheons, all day sessions, retreats, and conferences where you want to inform participants and initiate thinking around a specific topic as well as provide solutions they can take home and think about.

Most Requested Topics for Keynotes:

  • “Dealing With Snakes, Apes, & Bees” (Dealing With Difficult People)
  • “Since Strangling Isn’t an Option” (Conflict Resolution)
  • “How to Stay Calm When the World Around You is in Chaos” (Stress Management)
  • “The Power of Commitment” (Team Building)
  • Enhanced Listening & Speaking
  • “Coaching that Works” (Coaching Managers & Employees)

See seminars for other topic ideas.