How to Stay Calm in the Midst of Chaos


Why is it that two people can ride the same roller coaster and one experiences stress and anxiety while the other experiences joy? Perception!!! Perception determines much of the stress level in our world and is a key to helping us achieve balance. How we deal with that perception is even more impactful in our daily lives. This session will help us find balance in our daily life by employing simple, yet powerful techniques, that will give us more control and power over our stress, anxiety, and burnout as well as our reactions and perceptions to it.


Participants will experience how to relieve stress and potential burnout in the session itself, leaving more relaxed and feeling a sense of renewal ready to implement these strategies in their everyday life.


  • Identifying the areas in life that throw you out of balance
  • Understanding the five levels of healing: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual(self)
  • Experiencing solutions at each of these levels
  • Learning to be present with what is and avoiding the curses of worry and regret
  • Practicing techniques for easy relaxation
  • Feeling more at peace in your job and your life