How to Handle Difficult Emotions at the Workplace


Difficult people can bring up unsettling and even traumatic emotional states. In order to be the most successful and best that we can be as leaders and professionals we must learn how to deal with these difficult emotions in healthy and productive ways. This seminar is designed to help participants pinpoint what, when, and who produces difficult emotions in them, and how to effectively deal with those emotions in the face of other people as well as in themselves.


To leave with concrete tools for dealing with difficult emotions when they arise and as a result to be more emotionally intelligent leaders and professionals.


  • Define what, when and with whom difficult emotions arise
  • Learn how to deal with other people’s difficult emotions
  • Learn how to deal with your own difficult emotions
  • Uncover and practice the 6 steps in dealing with irate difficult behaviors
  • Discover the four prong approach to facilitate difficult emotions and their passage
  • Feel more confident and emotionally intelligent!!