Giving and Receiving Feedback


This session will outline and more importantly implement the elements of effective delivery and acceptance of feedback. It will answer the questions of what happens when we speak, what messages do people get from us in communication, and how can we get clearer messages from others. It will also outline the steps involved in executing effective feedback in order to achieve desired results at the workplace. The elements of body language, tone, and emotional cues will be highlighted as cues to reading what is going on in the spoken and unspoken conversation.


  • Looking with your ears and listening with your eyes: Using non-verbals to interpret conversation
  • How mood affects interaction: Are they ready for your feedback?
  • The steps involved in execution of effective feedback
  • What to do when you don’t get the results you want
  • How to receive feedback with openness
  • How to give and receive feedback and not ruin the relationship