Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills for Leaders


This session will outline and more importantly, implement, the elements of effective communication for Leaders. It will answer the questions of what happens when we speak, what messages do people get from us in communication, and how can we get clearer messages from others. The elements of body language, tone, and emotional cues will be highlighted. The spoken and the unspoken elements of communication will be taught and tested.


The object of the session is for participants to walk away feeling not only more knowledgeable about effective communication skills, but more empowered to embody them as well. Implementation of this confidence will be able to have an effect on their professional and personal lives for the sake of better interpersonal relations with colleagues and to enhance their career goals as well.


  • Looking with your ears and listening with your eyes: Using non-verbals to interpret conversation
  • How mood affects interaction
  • What body language does and doesn’t mean
  • What being a great communicator will and won’t get you
  • What the elements of great communication for Leaders are and how to have them