Dealing With Snakes, Apes & Bees: (Dealing With Difficult People)

Dealing With Snakes, Apes & Bees: (Dealing With Difficult People)

One Hour:

This dynamic one hour presentation focuses on understanding the basic types of difficult people including the passive and aggressive and the inherently difficults. It includes a 6 step technique on how to handle the “Apes” assertively and some basic principles on how to handle difficult people no matter what. It is fast paced and filled with interaction, stories, and solutions. Also works well as a keynote speech.

One Day:

This information packed day is filled with specifics on understanding more about the behaviors of the difficult person, learning techniques for diffusing unacceptable behavior, and keeping yourself from being manipulated by difficult people.


  • The Whole Brain Approach to Verbal Attacks
  • Strategies for Reaching Agreement
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

Two Day:

Profound understanding and specific results is what the second day of the course promises. With extra time participants have the opportunity to delve deeply and experiment with strategies for dealing with their difficult people.


  • Dealing With the Constant Complainer
  • Getting the Indecisive to Decide
  • Encouraging the Silent to Speak
  • Understanding Body Language
  • Negating the Negatives