Coaching and Coaching Workshops


Coaching Workshops

Presented by Sandra Crowe

Coaching is an opportunity for the individual to learn, grow, shift perspective, and change behavior in a specific domain at work. Typical arenas people get coached in include: dealing with challenging supervisors, dealing with problem employees, dealing with overwhelm, managing schedules, and moving up in the organization. What makes
coaching unique is the personal orientation of the session. Assessments, interviewing colleagues, and managerial observations are typically common gauges used to determine
the efficacy of the sessions. Coaching can be done on a case by case basis or part of
a packaged leadership program.

Coaching For Results!


This seminar is designed to give employees important communication and coaching skills
in the world of cultural difference and change.
Participants will gain knowledge of what effective coaching and counseling looks like,
how to implement it, and how to use it for better interpersonal relations between colleagues and with employees.
This course will utilize lecture, demonstration with class participants, interaction, discussion, and role-playing to emphasize its points.


To give employees skills to better coach themselves as well as help others problem
solve who are having breakdowns (challenges) at the workplace and assist them in gaining new perspectives on how to better meet those challenges

Participants will learn how to:Implement the 6 steps involved in coaching

  • Look at the impact of language on your daily interactions
  • Dissect what it means to speak, listen and give feedback
  • Listen with respect and compassion
  • Understand how language, the body, and emotions interplay
  • Handle the emotional aspects of coaching and counseling
  • Discuss tough issues with more ease
  • Define and demonstrate how to be a coach
  • Help people help themselves