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Presented by Sandra Crowe,
President, Pivotal Point Training and Consulting

All seminars include a combination of modalities including lecture,interactive discussion, personal inquiry, diads, role playing and group exercises designed to meet every learners needs and abilities.


Keynote Speeches

Presented by Sandra Crowe

Keynote speeches are an opportunity to inspire, uplift, educate, entertain, and move participants in a particular direction. They are great for luncheons, all day sessions, retreats, and conferences where you want to inform participants and initiate thinking around a specific topic as well as provide solutions they can take home and think about.

Most Requested Topics for Keynotes:

  • “Dealing With Snakes, Apes, & Bees” (Dealing With Difficult People)
  • “Since Strangling Isn’t an Option” (Conflict Resolution)
  • “How to Stay Calm When the World Around You is in Chaos” (Stress Management)
  • “The Power of Commitment” (Team Building)
  • Enhanced Listening & Speaking
  • “Coaching that Works” (Coaching Managers & Employees)

See seminars for other topic ideas.