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Five Tips for Dealing with Change in Uncertain Times

Most oSandra_Crowe_bookf us have a fair degree of uncertainty in our lives. Simple questions such as “Will the gas in my car last through the end of the week?” to more troubling ones … “Will I have a job next year?” hover deep in the forefront of our thinking and create worry and concern no matter what your situation. Given that, here are five tips for reflecting about uncertainty in your life:

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7 Steps to Beating Up a Bully Without Throwing a Punch


beatingHow many bullies do you know? Twenty percent of the people cause eighty percent of the problems, but the one who causes the most problems for people is what is referred to as the “bully,” the aberrant, petulant egomaniac. These are the hostile aggressive, the loudmouths, the exploders and the unpredictables; the Dr. Jekylls and Mr. Hydes of the workplace.

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When P Follows R


prRemember when Scott Peck wrote “Life is Difficult” in the book The Road Less Traveled? You probably sighed and nodded and forgot about it. But what if we added another piece to that famous statement?

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What to Say When You’re Angry


angryMost of the time when we’re angry we say things that really don’t represent us well. Often we end up apologizing, defending our language, making excuses for our upset and ultimately tripping over past behavior. The key to being able to say the right thing when you’re angry is to become aware when the anger is first hitting you.

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Top Four Relationship Myths at the Workplace


relationshipBeing nice is great, but if it is perceived as insincere or artificial you will be sniffed out immediately. Instead of niceness focus on listening; the ability to listen will move you further in your relationships than the desire to be liked, which is where niceness comes from.

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