About Sandra

Sandra Crowe Author
“I Didn’t Sign Up For This.”

Sandra Crowe, a leading thinker in the arenas of dealing with difficult people and situations has used her expertise in the government and corporate managerial world to extract practical application and meaningful solutions in the most challenging workplace and personal scenarios.

She is the author of Since Strangling Isn’t an Option…. (Perigee,’99),and is a professional speaker, coach, and transformational facilitator. Having given over 2300 seminars in the past twenty some years, she uses her people, public speaking, and communications skills to create awareness of ineffective behaviors and to document solutions.

She facilitates processes that promote group cohesion and performance; identify and resolve conflict; enable focused decision-making; and, assist productive group briefings and discussions. Bottom Line: She redirects behavior toward more uplifting interactions between and for people.

Her philosophy:

  • Increased awareness brings new behaviors.
  • New behaviors bring new opportunities for relating differently.
  • Relating differently brings transcendence in the workplace.
  • Change the awareness, change the environment.



Ms. Crowe holds a B.A. Degree with Honors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in International Studies and an M.A. in Applied Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. She is a certified MBTI(Myers Briggs Type Indicator) practitioner and a certified ontological coach from The Newfield Group as well as a Professionally Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation. A former guest instructor at Montgomery College, she has also been an active member of the Federal Training Officers’ Conference, and the National Capital Speaker’s Association.

She founded a communications/networking specialty company called “Powerlunch” which has been written up in both, The Washington Post and The New York Times as well as the book Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work. In addition, she has hosted her own television show called “Stress Busters” which was broadcast weekly on Washington, D.C. Cable Television and has been featured on the TV shows “To Tell the Truth” and the CBS morning news.

Past clients include The Executive Office of the President, Social Security Administration, FBI, Dept. of Agriculture, Marriott, Sony Corp., Southland Corp, Citicorp, The Discovery Channel, Sears, The Census Bureau, National Association of Female Executives, National Speakers Association, Union Labor Life Insurance, FBI, NASA and Depts. of Army &Navy, Census Bureau, FDA, NIAID, NHGRI, and NCI (National Institutes of Health)

Sandra has been written about in a number of newspapers, magazines, websites, radio and TV shows including: